People need a good home in Boston
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Where in the Boston Metro area should we look for sub $2500 apartments.

We currently live in Weymouth, but our rent just went up and my wife may have a new job near Brigham and Women's hospital (I work in the dedham area). Any specific apartment complex's we should look at that would be 3 bedroom for $2500 or under? Doesn't need to be in boston proper, would consider Newton, etc but do want a nice town/complex in and area that feels safe and has "stuff". Need central AC.

We looks at Briar Village and Windsor Village (in I think Waltham) but the reviews are mixed.

We have lived in an Avalon community twice in the past and liked them but the ones in Boston are very $3500 expensive!
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Jamaica Plain and Roslindale are both good geographical locations for you, I think. But I don't know how many apartment complexes you'll find there. You may already be aware of this, but as you get closer into Boston, you're looking more at multifamily homes than apartment complexes. JP Center and Roslindale Village have nice concentrations of shops and things to do, so count as being "near stuff", but might not be as good if the apartment complex piece is important to you.
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Seconding Jamaica Plain - good commutes for each of you, and $2500 still goes a long way. Central AC is rare, but out there. Not much in the way of "apartment complexes" but plenty of nicely renovated 2 and 3 unit buildings, and some new construction. The area between Stony Brook and Green Street stations and the pond is generally the safest / highest "stuff" concentration. Best of all, it's an area with a real sense of community. Good luck with your search!
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A random Craig's List search pulled up some apartment complexes in Brookline, which is a little further from Dedham but also super-convenient to Longwood. I just looked for "apartment complex" within your price range. Again, I can't recommend any by personal experience, unfortunately. Not sure if kids are in the picture, but if so Brookline schools are pretty awesome.
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There's an Archstone complex in Watertown Sq which is in an excellent location - close to the river, multiple buses, the Mass Pike, and restaurants etc in the Square itself. Watertown is safe (I live here, and have nevr felt uncomfortable), and the proximity to Boston is excellent.

Harbor Point in South Boston is another complex I am familair with - my husband lived there for a couple years when we were dating. Reasonably close to the T (Red Line), for getting into the city, and not far from Quincy for restaurants etc.

I've lived in Windsor Village in Waltham in the past, and it was fine. Waltham's a great town, loads of nice restaurants, and a cool movie theatre. Seconding others though - unless for some reason you *really* want to be in a complex, consider an apartmnt in a multi family house - your money will go further, you'll be in potentially great neighborhoods, and you'll have homes with more character than the complexes!
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