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Another "help me design my tattoo" question - how to turn a song lyric into a single image?

I'm in the final stages of design for this tattoo idea, using small (about the size of a quarter) pictures to represent significant things in my life.

I would really like to figure out a way to incorporate the lyric "Summer is ready when you are" from the song "Saints" by the Breeders. (It's very significant to me.) I do not want to just write the lyric on my arm, as it would take away from the theme I'm going for.

My only idea was to use the heart from the single cover, but am open to other ideas.
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How about illustrating the musical notes associated with that particular moment in the song?
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I haveexactly what AlliKat75 suggested on my shoulder. It's in the same place that a tribal band would be, but it's music notes on a staff instead. I get compliments about it ALL the time.
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depending on the style of the other things - maybe a cartoony, clip art style sun or beach.

the meaning gets implied - summer is there, on your arm, ready when you are.
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Going along with nadawi's suggestion: any individual image that symbolizes "summer" to you (a sun? a glass of lemonade? a tent? etc.), with a halo above it to signify the song title.
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I'm a big fan of text tattoos. They age well (the font changes as you do!). Your text is great--It seems like it would last a lifetime.

I'd stay away from anything that looks like clip art. Clip art by definition is cliche--not exactly the kinda thing you wanna commit to (unless you're *uber* hip).

I'd also stay away from a dense quarter sized tattoo. It's gonna look like a sore fast.

The nature of tattoos is aggressive. If you're gonna do this--do it at the right scale. "Nice/polite" tattoos can look too safe and cautious (which is kinda defeating).

The real question is placement. This matters. Where is this tat going?
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Murray - they already have other quarter sized tattoos all on their arm. which is why i suggested clip art, again depending on the style already there - i thought it'd fit nicely with the coffee cup, ladybug, etc.
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Can you tell us a little bit about what the other images will be (and how many), just to think about how well they'll play well with this one?
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Response by poster: Right now I have a dime-sized ladybug on my arm (the coffee cup was just sort of a general idea). Here's what I'm planning, all about quarter-sized:

a crown, a roller skate, a porcupine, a shamrock, a ball of yarn with knitting needles, a Dard Hunter rose.
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It sounds like you need something simple/iconic, unless you want this one to carry more weight than the rest. Maybe a plain sun? Or the acronym "SIRWYA" in a font you love?

There may be a visually succinct way to represent the summer solstice (June 20 or 21 in the Northern Hemisphere), showing that summer itself is perpetually with you and thus ready when you are... but I'm not sure what that'd be (this kind of image came to mind, but doesn't feel on the right level with your other images).
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Building on mauvest's comment above: to illustrate the concept "summer" as a tattoo, how about the analemma?
The solstice proper could be shown as a brighter dot at the peak.
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