Vistaprint for over-sized postcards? Yay or nay?
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What are my printing and shipping options for 8.5 x 5.5 postcards?

So I was pretty excited to go to Vista Print and come up with a grand total of $250-$260 for creating, printing, and mailing my computer repair postcards to 250 local businesses with all of the work being done for me.

I was talking to a friend that does graphic design and says VistaPrint has terrible print quality. Yet, they're one of the few sites I see that does the all-in-one package of printing and mailing them for you (along with to a mailing list of businesses of your choosing).

I have a graphic designer working on the postcards now, but am discouraged to hear that my next step (which was going to be at VistaPrint) was not going to be as simple as I'd thought.

If VistaPrint does indeed suck, what other options do I have out there? Ideally, I'd love a reasonably priced printing company that will print and ship my postcards out for me, but that doesn't have awful print quality and preferably above average turn-around time. If it comes to getting a mailing list and supplying a given printing company with that, that's fine too.

Help me Me-fites. The joys of starting a small business :\
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To a graphic designer the VistaPrint quality probably does leave something to be desired. Will the small business owners you are mailing to even notice? Only if they are graphic designers.
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I hadn't thought about it like that. At the same time, I've never used VistaPrint for postcards and I just didn't want them to look awful. As long as they won't look awful, I'm ok with that.

What do you think?
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I've used VistaPrint for a few things, mainly business cards, and never had any noticeably poor print.
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Check - I usually send from there, not receive, but on the occasions I've seen the finished product I've thought it entirely reasonable.
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Haven't used them before (but have gotten postcards in the mail printed by them), but there's a local printing company near me that seems to offer direct mailing services as well, plus they generate their own electricity on-site via their own wind turbine - Phoenix Press in New Haven, CT.
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We use VistaPrint because it really is pretty much the cheapest. We've never noticed that the print is very terrible. It is not perfect amazing OMG but it gets the job done and no one has ever said, wow, that is some poor print quality. Just be sure to use their templates.
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I've really liked overnight prints, but they also do charge up the ass for above average shipping times(but you do have the option). Their printing quality is great(even the digital prints).
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I used Vistaprint for my wedding save-the-dates and invitations, and they're good and very fast, but you'll want to order ~20 percent more than you need, just so (if you think people will notice) you can cull the ones with a few too many little blips in the printing. Also, use a coupon link when you check out.
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If you're scared of Vistaprint, I can vouch for the quality and service at Modern Postcard.
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I say Yay, but it is always such an ordeal going through there 15 menus of offers at the end.

I just did an order a few days ago and one thing was so surprising. I went through an entire order, then realized I could get the order for 50% from a coupon I had.

The only difference was that I started at a different web address? I did not apply a coupon code, I had to start the order over, so instead of going to I went to and it resulted in a 50% discount. The trick is to find out a list of these portals?

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Does VistaPrint let you send yourself one postcard before committing to the full mailing? That would let you send yourself a test, and see the quality for yourself.

If you like that idea, Premium Postcard lets you send one card for $1.17 (250 are $207). It's been a couple years since I've used them but I was happy with their quality when I did.

Vertical Response also lets you mail a single card (one for $1.59, 250 for $315). I have not used their postcard mailing service - but they have an advantage you might like to use in the future, in that you can store your mail list there and add email addresses if you have them (or as you acquire them) and be able to do both email and postcard mailings as you wish.

And what COD said.
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Nice responses everyone. I'm leaning towards VistaPrint, but I don't believe they let me send one to myself before committing. I don't see that option anywhere on the site.

@Henry, I will check that out though. I wouldn't mind 50% off lol.
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Henry, that link doesn't work anymore. You did it only a few days ago?
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