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Really good recent monologues/soliloquies in plays?

This is partly because I feel like I need a crash course in contemporary theatre, but what are some exceptionally good monologues/soliloquies? From, say, the last 50 years?

I don't really mind genre but I am very interested in the character building/revealing process that happens within a monologue so anything along those lines would be great.

One exception: there's a certain kind of one-man-show where it's more about giving a collection of stories loosely linked together like the Vagina monologues or any kind of stand-up. While this can be very smart and funny, I'm more interested in the 'theatrical' variety of monologue than the 'I'm just going to tell you a funny thing that happened to me' kind.
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The second act of The Beauty Queen of Leenane by Martin McDonagh opens with Pato giving a wonderful monologe, reciting the letter he's writing to Maureen back in Ireland.
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There are several great soliloquies in David Mamet's Glengarry Glen Ross. This one, from the movie adaptation, almost won Alec Baldwin an oscar.
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It's on the hairy edge of your timeline, but there's a fairly well-known monologue in Edward Albee's The Zoo Story.
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My mate got into NIDA doing a monologue from this.
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a few good men, it's a play now, and the monologue by Jessep is great...

heres a good DB of monologues http://notmyshoes.net/monologues/#omd

another good DB: http://www.playdatabase.com/mono_adv_search.asp
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David Hirson's La Bete opens with a half-hour monologue from the eponymous central protagonist. It is an awe-inspiring thing to witness.
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Holy cow fozzie33 that is awesome! Thanks everyone for their answers so far: all good and keep 'em coming!
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Gems to be found in Conor McPherson's "The Weir" and "The Seafarer"
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This is more just a long bit of talking within a dialogue, but there's a great little speech delivered by Al Pacino starting around 4:10 here, from Tony Kushner's Angels in America. This HBO version is almost identical to Kushner's original text for the stage.
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Are you looking to use it as an audition piece? Because that would require me to ask age/gender/etc. Just because a monologue is a great monologue doesn't mean it's a great monologue for you.
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a few good men, it's a play now,

Just to be clear, it was a play first - produced on Broadway in 1989.

Violet Weston has a couple of great monologues in Tracy Lett's August: Osage County.

Willy Russell's Shirley Valentine is a one woman play, so it's all monologue - but there's a particularly good one about her meeting Costas, a Greek Fisherman.
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