What to pack and how to get to Anderson Ranch Art Center
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I am headed to Anderson Ranch Art Center in Snowmass Village, Co next week. I have no idea what to bring or how to get there from the airport. Any suggestions?

So, I am going to a Digital Media workshop at Anderson Ranch. I was emailed a generic list of supplies for this type of workshop (flash drive/portable hard drive, digital camera, sketchbook, etc). But, I have no idea what else to bring. I have only been to Colorado in the Winter.

I don't know anyone that has been Anderson Ranch. I was wondering if anyone here has been and can offer suggestions.

What type of clothes should I bring? For example, I don't want to bring sandals when I might have to hike from the dorm to the studio.

I have a meal pass and they said to bring a water bottle and a flashlight. What else should I bring?

I know what to pack when going to a different city and when I go camping. I am feeling a bit lost on what to pack for this trip.

I am flying in to Aspen. I will not have a car. The website suggests taking a cab ($35 each way) to the Art Center. Is this the only way? Is there public transportation?
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Their website says that (free) buses and shuttles run from Aspen to Snowmass - though maybe that's just a winter thing, and they're not specific about what buses or shuttles. Can you call them and ask if they ever arrange carpools for workshop attendees who may be arriving at the airport around the same time?

It's too bad their website isn't more specific about some of this, but your best bet - if no one else here can offer specific advice - is to call them or email them and ask.
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Thanks rtha. Can you tell me where on their site it mentions this? Other than taking a cab, this is the only thing on the Anderson Ranch site that I can find; "ground transportation to the Snowmass Village area is not available in the summer."
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Ah, I bet that's it. I found mention of shuttles and buses when I clicked their link to housing. It was not specific about season, which seems dumb and unhelpful to me.
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I've never taken a course at the Ranch, but have heard good things about it. Snowmass is lovely in the summer. The public buses are run by RFTA and are pretty good. The bus page for Snowmass is here. On the map graphic the closest bus stop to the airport is ABC which is across Highway 82 from the airport (there is a stoplight/crosswalk.) There is also a small grocery store in the ABC (which stands for Aspen Business Center) if you want to pick up some snacks and whatnot. There is also a grocery in Snowmass. I don't know which bus stop in Snowmass is the Anderson Ranch. Ask driver. The airport is very close to Snowmass, about a 20 minute taxi ride. I don't know why the website says ground transpo is not available in the summer. They might mean the Snowmass bus circuit?

I would bring or buy water or water bottle, headache pills (for altitude), sleeping aids, sunscreen and/or hat, sunglasses, bugspray and walking shoes that can get dirty. It can get chilly at night, especially if you are used to Texas heat, so a light jacket or sweater is good. It often storms a little in the afternoons, so light raingear might be useful too. Check the weather before you go.

The flight from Denver to Aspen is short (40 minutes?) but a little steep on the approach (Aspen is a mountain runway), it freaks some people out. Aspen is quite fun for a visit and the RFTA buses go in and out of there.

Have a great time!
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