Story-based running podcast
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I'm looking for a podcast that uses fictional plot points to motivate running.

I thought I saw a podcast mentioned on here or on the blue that consisted of long stories for runners. I haven't actually listened to the podcast, but from the description that I remember, the stories are built around motivating scenes (e.g. a chase scene or an escape) that allow for a subtle sort of interval training. I can't seem to find it now, and I hope I'm not imagining this whole thing. Any ideas of where I could find a podcast like this?
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Found it! I couldn't find it here because I had originally seen it on reddit. I forgot that they are embedded in Adidas ads (sorry), but I am still going to try them out. If anyone knows of other similar podcasts, I'd still love to have your recommendations!
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There is also Zombies, Run!
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Although that is more of an interactive storytelling app game thing, with achievements for running certain distances...etc.
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