What is this weird lump under my eye?
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What is this weird lump under my eye?

It's been there for a few days now. It looks really weird when I squinch my eyes, like when I smile.

Is this normal? Is there something wrong with my eye? Could this be a permanent part of my face from now on? I generally have pretty good skin/face flesh.

Close up of the area in question

The lump within the context of my face
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Does it hurt at all? Does it move around when you poke it?
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Looks like it may be a blocked tear duct to me. You probably want to get that checked out, they can get pretty big and painful.
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@royalsong: It doesn't hurt. I don't think I would know it was there if I didn't see it in the mirror a few days ago. I figured it would go away and shrugged it off, but it's still there...
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Is it something under the skin or on the skin? That's why royalsong was asking if it moves around, i think.
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Could it be a sty?
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I'm not sure. It doesn't feel like there's something under there. It doesn't move around or anything.

It doesn't come across in the pictures, but it has a slight red tint. I'd almost think it was a bruise or something, but that would have cleared up by now.
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Looks like a chalazion to me. Take aspirin if aspirin is okay with you, keep a hot compress on it a few times a day, and, while you wait, book an appointment with an eye doctor. MeMail me if your doc says it is a chalazion, because I have had those out, many times.
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I agree it might be a chalazion. You could try hot-but-not-too-hot compresses for a few days (a rice sock works well) and if it doesn't resolve, visit an ophthalmologist.
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Thanks empath!

And since it doesn't move around, I'm going with a clogged pore or chalazion too.

IANAD but it seems too far away from the nose to be a blocked tear duct.
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My mom and I both have a spot on our left cheeks near our eyes that gets red and raised when we're stressed out (and then it fades after a day or so). It's not a zit, it doesn't hurt, it's just a weird little spot. I asked a dermatologist about it once and she just shrugged it off, saying that if it goes away and it doesn't hurt, she wouldn't worry about it.

I realize that doesn't really help you figure out what it is, but hopefully it can add another tick in the "probably not eye cancer" column.
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I've had a sty and don't think this is one, because it's so far from my actual eye and it's not painful. I've never had a chalazion, but maybe that's what it is. Pictures from googling "chalazion" look much worse and actually painful.

I'm going to make an appointment to see my doctor and make sure my eye isn't going to spontaneously explode or anything. In the mean time, a hot compress feels nice whether it helps or not.
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That's not a sty. A sty is right on the edge of the eyelid. It's like an eyelid zit.
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Yeah definitely not a sty. I've had a blocked pore in that area before and it looked a lot like what you have. I probably poked at it more than I should have, but heat also helped. I'd give it some time but see a derma if it starts hurting or changes significantly.
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I have spots like that under both eyes. I've had one for a good long while. No pain. So lemme know if you figure it out, and I'll tell you what I find out when I go to the doctor.

But yeah, the description for chalazion doesn't sound right.
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I had one of these a few months ago but on my top lid. The doctor checked it out and told me that since it was soft there was nothing to worry about. It went away on it's own after a few days. Most likely something irritated my lid. I wore glasses instead of contacts for the week.

That being said- this is your eye we are talking about. You should get it checked out just to be safe.
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