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star wars saga tabletop RPG filter: new to the game and having a blast, but we're confused about a couple of things (enemy attack rolls & character upkeep).

first is the calculation of an NPC's attack roll. the stats for NPC's as found in the back of the saga edition core rulebook don't specify whether the NPC has any ability modifiers. using the CL 1 stormtrooper as an example, the dexterity score given is 11, which should net him a small dexterity modifier but none is listed (nor are any other modifiers). when rolling for his attack, do we add his base attack? are we expected to calculate and apply a dexterity modifier for him?

we're also confused as to what the numbers next to the NPC's weapon mean. for the stormtrooper, it says "blaster rifle +4 (3d8)"; what exactly does the +4 represent? do we add that to his attack roll or do his damage?

lastly is the cost of character upkeep. there is a table in the rulebook which lists the cost of monthly upkeep (based on varying degrees of affluence) and there is some passing mention of food, but the rules don't go into any more detail about character maintenance/upkeep. are there hard rules about these things that we are missing, or are these generally supplemented by house rules?

thanks for any help!
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The NPC attack bonuses are already pre-calculated for you, to save you having to work it out. Blaster Rifle +4 (3d8) means their attack roll is d20+4, and if it hits it does 3d8 damage.

The upkeep cost on the services chart is just there to give you a sense of the cost of 'incidentals': clothing, rent, basic meals, etc. depending on the level of affluence the character displays. For many adventurers this won't be too relevant, since they tend to be focused on guns, ammo, armor, and gadgets. But it's handy to have a reference point when your consular noble wants to have a luxurious penthouse apartment on Coruscant. In general, unless they're directly part of the narrative (for example wining and dining the local authority with a nice dinner, or if you just wandered out of the wastes with no credits and you need to get some food) most groups tend to handwave tracking incidental stuff like meals and the like.
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Lantius nails it in one!

As far as the money thing- a lot of stuff in Saga are designed to be a less fiddly and more loose- since Star Wars was never about really tracking specific economics. Granted, less fiddly for a D20 game can still be pretty fiddly, but Saga is really a great distillation of it.
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