The coffee, it burns!
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Where can I find this specific style of coffee mug and what is it called?

I'd like to have a coffee mug to match one I remember from my childhood. Dad's is the only one I've ever seen but it seems like the style is (or was, before the advent of fancy travel mugs) probably popular enough. Anyway since my google-fu has failed me I'm coming to you for help.

The mug I'm referring to has no metal or plastic used in the construction. A potter could make one pretty easily (and I'm afraid I may have to commission one made if I want one of my own). Anyway, this is pretty crucial to the style of mug I'm looking for here because there's just something easier to drinking out of a ceramic mug. I think it's something to do with the fact that I don't enjoy coffee pipping hot as much as really, really warm. The plain coffee mug seems to have a good mix of retaining heat, staying warm in your hand, and easy drinkability that I'm looking for here. Ditto for easy clean-up and pleasing appearance.

Ok, easy, just go get a coffee mug from walmart right?

Here's the hook, the style I'm looking for has a DISTINCT shape that tapers from bottom to top from a wide, circular, extremely-stable base to a normal size to slightly smaller than normal size/shape opening at the top. Basically Dad had it because when driving down rough roads or starting/stopping the vehicle the coffee inside doesn't tend to slosh out due to the geometry of the mug. The large base also means it's impossible to tip over or slide around without the vehicle itself canting far past the norms of everyday driving.

If you've seen one you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. Think about an exaggerated beer stein or volcano shape.

Sources for purchase are great and/or the descriptors/name I should use when googling for myself (since mine have resulted in zero luck).

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link died. Amazon link.
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Oh i hate you.
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Don't forget Etsy.
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A search for wide base ceramic travel mug on Google will get you LOTS of hits for what you're looking for (I think).

This one is exceptionally volcano-like (grin)!
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Yep, dead on. For some reason I didn't associate "wide" to the search terms. Everyone's on target, though if you're down for a real challenge, his was definitely more 'trucker' less 'pottery you see at the market' look if you know what I mean. But I've marked this as resolved and I'm well on my way to buying one now that I have choices without contacting potters.
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Google search spill proof coffee mugs. You might have to wade through a few travel mugs but they are there. Or just click all the links the faster typers above managed to get for you. (Damn my rusty typing skills).
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That type of mug appears all the time in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Sorry, I know that's not very helpful, but I thought it was funny as I saw one on television just minutes before I saw this post.
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RolandOfEld: "his was definitely more 'trucker' less 'pottery you see at the market' look"

I see these all the time at truck stops. Definitely no kitties on truck stop mugs.
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It's just a travel mug. The runnier and lumpier the glazing, the (charmingly and 1970s-authentic) better
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The drawback is that you have to tip it absurdly far to get the last of the coffee. These mugs are also used by boaters. I see them quite often at Goodwill.
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I too immediately thought of ST:DS9 - in my head, these are called "DS9 mugs." And I want one too.
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