How to clean garden furniture?
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How do you clean last winter's grunge off plastic outdoor furniture (chairs, tables)?

Everything we've tried so far just smears the dirt a lot, and makes it even harder to remove. Do you have a favourite trick?

(BTW, if quoting a specific brand, a couple of words of description would be helpful to readers not sharing your geographic market - thanks.)
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How sturdy is the furniture?
I power wash (pressure wash) my lawn furniture. That works great and is easy on my back.
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Spray them with some dilute bleach (or one of the commercial cleaners which is just this plus some soap) and let them sit in the sun - it's magic.

Personally, I've found that with power washing it's difficult to find the line between removing the dirt and removing the first layer of plastic from the furniture (resulting in a somewhat rough edge).
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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser if it is plastic or metal. Powerwash if wood.
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Seconding the Magic Eraser. Even the generic ones from the dollar store work great. You might want to test a small area first because they can cause a little bit of a faded look on colored plastic if you're really vigorous with your scrubbing.

If you don't want to try the Magic Eraser, I've also had good results with Pine Sol (or generic equivalent) diluted in water and applied with a scrubby sponge (the kind you use for non-stick cookware).
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TSP has always worked for me. Comes in liquid or powder.
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Response by poster: Many thanks, folks. We'll try these out (except for the power wash, which we don't have).
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I swear by Cillit Bang for just about anything. I used that on a stove hood that had about 2 cm of crusty old grease once I found that if I let it sit for a bit, I barely had to use any elbow grease.
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Response by poster: Cillit Bang did the trick! (But diluted bleach wasn't a bad solution, either.)
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Mr. Clean Eraser and a little Bon Ami makes fast work of it and gets into those pesky crevices very easily. I don't like the generic versions of the sponge. Mr. Clean sponge degrades pretty fast, and the generic ones even faster.
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