Where in NYC can I set up an ersatz stoop sale?
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I want to do a stoop sale (aka yard sale) to offload things I no longer need, but I can't use my own stoop... where in New York can I have one?

My boyfriend and I are moving out of our apartment at the end of this month. We're going to do a serious cleanout, and instead of listing everything on Craigslist and having it sit in our apartment until someone buys it, I'd rather just do a stoop sale first and then list the leftovers. Only problem is I'm in a building that won't allow a stoop sale out front.

Where in the city can I set up a sale without being shut down by the cops and without needing to get a NY State Sales Tax License (which most flea markets require)? I'd be okay with paying a small fee if necessary.
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could you just have an "indoor stoop sale"? instead of posting each item, just make a post saying you'll be at your apartment from 1-5pm and EVERYTHING is for sale. then post some pictures and prices of your best items. people will totally come. i got rid of my stuff in NYC so fast I had to sit on the floor for a week before i left my apartment.
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I've seen people set up on chain link fences out side of schools (when not in session) or parking lots. My best guess would be that the cops would ask you to leave before ticketing you, but who knows.
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We've bought from people doing what nanhey says, although I'm not 100% sure I'd be comfortable with it.
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Response by poster: nanhey, if I wanted to get rid of everything that would be perfect, but alas I have many, many things that I intend to keep.
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Well, surely you could turn one room into your indoor stoop sale. Or if you're getting rid of most stuff, turn one room into your "keeping it" room and close the door and let people pick through everything else?

Besides that I think your options are 1) friend's house or 2) flea market.
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I did the indoor sale thing in Paris and it worked out great. I just put all the stuff I was selling in the living room and all the stuff I was keeping in the bedroom, and made sure a couple of my strongest guy friends were there for the duration. The worst part was having people come and make fun of some of my stuff - the stuff in the "free, take it" box no less! The best part was seeing how happy people were to get stuff they needed for cheap. I highly recommend it for the people-watching alone and I made a good bit of cash, too.
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I went to an indoor stoop sale and bought some mixing bowls.
The items for sale had post its on them. Easy and cheap way to signal.
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Yeah I would totally just do the indoor sale. That's very common here in the summer because it's so hot!
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