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Can you recommend an Armour-prescribing physician in the NYC area?

Looking for a Dr. who prescribes Armour in Brooklyn, NY or New York, NY, who doesn't rely solely on TSH to diagnose thyroid disorders. Extra points for accepting insurance.

Family history and the details of my own case point to hypothyroidism, most likely a form known as type 2 hypothyroidism. It's interfering with work and social relationships. I desperately want my life back, especially as I'll be starting grad school in August.

If you have a reco within NY, or in CT, NJ, MD, DC or VA, please share. It's my hope to find someone nearby, but I will travel for the right person.

Thanks for helping, your guidance is much appreciated!
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Armour prescribing doctors are like the holy grail of endocrinologists. I've been to half a dozen or so in the last ten years and not one would even consider prescribing it. I seem to remember that at one point Armour had a list of doctors on their website but I just checked and it's gone.
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Most doctors will do a full thyroid panel, with measured T3 & T4, if you ask them to. Unfortunately, they're pretty expensive tests. So, you may end up in a bit of a fight with your insurance company. So, at least that half is covered.

I wish I could recommend my old doctor, but he's retired.
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I have yet to find a physician who will prescribe Armour in NYC, but of course I haven't been to all of them yet. You could try calling Armour and asking, or check with a compounding pharmacy in NYC as they're the most likely to be the ones dispensing it.

I'm heading to the endocrinology department at Mount Sinai soon to see if they can help me get my hypothyroidism treated correctly - you can try calling one of their doctors to see if any of them prescribe it. Many of them do research in that area of medicine too, so I'm hoping they'll be a little more advanced than plain TSH-based diagnosis.
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Well, there's a wrinkle you may not be aware of yet; Armour was reformulated in the spring of 2009. Many, many, many patients have had sub-par results and a return to hypo symptoms on the new formula. Also, there have been significant supply problems since the change.

Mary Shomon's top docs listings by state are accessible here (scroll down). New York is here.

I am 100% in support of natural thyroid hormone replacement, though Forest Labs (the mfr. of Armour) has seriously dropped the ball, there are other options (Westhroid /Nature-Throid are usually the most accessible). Your best bet may be to find a very good naturopath. You might also want to try your question at the forums on Real Thyroid Help.
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There's also a good list of strategies for finding a good thyroid doc here.

I sincerely hope you find what works for you.
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My gf had problems with the new Armour. She gets dessicated thyroid from Canad easily and cheaply... but she does have a prescription.
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Thank you so much to all who have commented so far!

I appreciate your direction, and it's great vers to know that Armour may not be the HG solution anymore.

I will post if I find a Dr. willing to prescribe natural thyroid hormone replacement, or to dig deep and test me beyond the standard TSH/T3/T4. In the meantime, as this may take some time, if anyone has a success story in NY or nearby states, please feel free to PM. :)
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I finally found a doc who is awesome. He does the trh stimulation test and then prescribes Naturethroid (obviously based on results). You will not find drs at Sinai or any of the other major hospitals who do this ... I have been trying for years. He is in Manhattan (http://raphaelkellmanmd.com/)... Only downside is that he doesnt take insurance, so it can become costly. If you have out of network benefits, that is helpful, if not be prepared to spend some money. Worth it if you can start to feel normal again ... Good luck!
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