Your quest: Find an obscure news clip!
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Internet Detectives! Help me find a video or audio recording of a clip from a news program I'm looking for!

In around 2004, there was a news story about a Canadian mall instituting a curfew. Towards the end of the story, they interviewed some teenagers, and a teenaged girl commented: "It's stupid....and it sucks!"

My circle of friends has been quoting that girl ever since then, but we'd love to actually see/hear the original quote. It's POSSIBLE that this was just a radio story.

If you all can find it based on that little information, I will be forever amazed
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any specific geographic area other than Canada?
posted by fozzie33 at 7:44 AM on July 6, 2011

CBC archives?
posted by Ideefixe at 8:25 AM on July 6, 2011

I spoke with the fried of mine who actually saw it, and she seems to remember that it was a viral video.
posted by sdis at 6:18 PM on July 6, 2011

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