Is Blogads profitable?
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Does anyone have experience with Blogads? I've been approached to join their ad program in which I'd place ads from their network of advertisers on my blog in exchange for a share of the profits. My blog gets about 700 hits per day (on a good non-Slashdotted day). Can a blog as small as mine be profitable with Blogads? Are Blogads's business dealings fair and above the table? Are Blogads's ads so annoying that most people in-the-know block them with Adblock etc.? Basically, is Blogads a good idea for my blog?
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Best answer: I've never used Blogads on my own site, but I have done a small campaign through them. It was the lowest click-through rate of any campaign I've ever done anywhere.

You say your site gets 700 hits a day. Are you sure you mean hits? Or do you mean visits? Or do you mean visitors? Because 700 hits is *nothing*. I haven't run the numbers in a while, but my own site gets between 3000 and 5000 unique visitors a day--and that isn't enough to make any money by running ads. 5000 unique visitors a day is a relatively small number for web site traffic. You're in the money-making realm when you get around 10,000 unique visitors a day, maybe.

There is one exception: if you have a specialty blog that deals with a subject that GoogleAds advertisers will pay top dollar for, then you can conceivably get relatively few visitors a day but still make some money. But that's GoogleAds, not Blogads. If the site that's listed in your profile is the one you want to run ads on, then you're not in a big-money category.

I have the following thoughts on Blogads:

--Sophisticated users--the ones I most want to target--are heavily correlated with those people who run ad-blockers.

--Blogads are heavily skewed towards political advertisers on political sites. Major burnout issues here. You can choose which kinds ads appear on your site, but for me, I would worry about running the same ads as some of the crappy sites. Web sites are judged by the friends they keep.

--The amount charged seemed far out of proportion to the potential return, particularly for branding ads. I worked in advertising for more than a decade, so I've got a pretty good idea what an appropriate CPM is.

--At the time I ran my campaign, Blogads seemed to make no distinction between hits and visitors, or least, they didn't clearly label the numbers provided--it seemed almost disengenous. There were a number of sites that were making site traffic claims that I thought were highly unlikely. If someone has 300,000 visitors a month but few, or no, visitor comments on any of its entries, then there's clearly a discrepancy somewhere. I'd bet the reported numbers are inflated. Of course, if a site like that--and there were more than a few--is accurately reporting its numbers, then there's a problem with the content: it's so non-compelling that it does not engage a visitor enough to comment, which also means its a bad place to post ads.

--The interface to their system was clunky and irritating.
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