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Can you identify this not-famous game? Filter: Looking for an online game I lost. A very simplistic, grid-based drag-and-line-up same-colored squares game (Flash). I want to locate the game and hopefully download it for offline play. But first I need to find it!

I bookmarked a very simple, very addictive Flash-based online game last year that I can't find now, and I am officially desperate for it (or a similar replacement). I don't know or remember the name (it may not have had one, even). I found it in my search for Bejeweled clones (so, it's kind of in that mold). I didn't find it through any popular game site (I mean, it wasn't on a well-known site like Popcap). There were probably just a handful of very simple games on this (personal) site and it had a very minimalistic style. It was Flash, but it wasn't flashy

I'd probably do better sketching out the gameboard (poor image here - sorry for burning out your retinas), but here's my even worse attempt at a description:

The game had a rectangular board. The rectangle was divided into three rows and multiple columns, and it was basically a grid of three differently-colored squares (not the painful color scheme I chose above). The goal was to line up as many of the squares in a like-colored column as possible. Using as few mouse clicks (or drags, really) as possible. (You used the MOUSE rather than arrow keys or keyboard). Lined up columns would collapse or be knocked off the gameboard and replaced by new squares. You could drag the squares in either direction; drags would be left to right NOT up and/or down. For instance, in my picture example, you could drag the red square from the middle row, second column over one to the left, and that would line up a red column (and a blue, green, and another red).. Anything that lined up to create a column of all the same colors would be knocked off the board. And, since that play would have knocked off quite a bit, you'd get a higher amount of points. Okay, my description is terrible, but I enjoyed this game in a Bejeweled.. or even a Tetris sort of way. It was a hypnotizing and soothing sort of exercise. It didn't take a lot of attention/effort, it wasn't timed, and I enjoyed the dragging motion as I aligned the blocks.

Anyway, does this game seem similar to anything you've ever played? Preferably, I would like to find the game I lost, but I would settle for something similar or a clone. Or is there some better, more simplistic way to describe this game style so that I might be able to google it with some success? Based on my description, where might you look or how might you google it?

Alternatively, does anyone know of a free downloadable Bejeweled or Bejeweled clone that would be Win2k PC compatible? I've attempted to slurp some off their pages for off-line playing but have never been successful with Bejeweleds.

Thank you, Mefies!
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Response by poster: Breakthru is definitely not it, but that won't stop me from checking it out, thanks! The Tetris/SAME Game (though I like both) 'dropping-down' motion didn't exist at all. None of the blocks were stuck together in another geometric shape or could be combined into a larger block than a column of three squares. And, as far as I know, it wasn't released for Nintendo or any other gaming system. Maybe Tetris was a bad reference point, in retrospect!
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Best answer: Was it Blix?
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Best answer: I would guess Blix too. It was made by Lightforce, who had a minimalistic website at which seems to be gone now. Here is a wayback machine shot of the site from 2008 so you can see what it looked like (and you can even get to some of the games from there).
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Response by poster: Okay, I KNOW that I've been to the Lightforce website.. It's looking good.. aaaaand..

YES! It was Blix! I couldn't be happier if I were reunited with a lost relative! Okay.. I'm loading Blix via the Wayback Machine shot.. That's it!

Thank you, ceribus peribus and bjrn!!!!
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