how to turn a battleground into a park?
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I'm looking for information on parks or playgrounds in areas of conflict, especially urban areas.

I'd like to find examples of parks or play areas built in areas that have conflicts between groups of people to get a sense of what design elements might promote peace or at least reduce violence. I wouldn't mind methods that reduce general crime but really am specifically looking for strategies aimed at conflict between groups in an urban context.
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Not a *positive* example, but Chinese Playground is about violence in SF Chinatown and the playground at the center of it.
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In general terms, you could be thinking of crime prevention through environmental design. Some specific examples of this kind of idea applied to playgrounds.
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Roy Kozlovsky: "The Junk Playground: Creative Destruction as an Antidote to Delinquency" (more)

Colin Ward's writings on adventure playgrounds may also be helpful.
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The expansion of Emery Barnes park in Yaletown, Vancouver, BC, Canada included a fenced off leash dog area, because of huge amounts of conflict between dog owners and playground users. I can provide more detail and point to references if needed.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions, and I particularly enjoyed the Junk Playground article. I should have been clearer that I'm talking about violent conflict. I was initially thinking about places like Northern Ireland, but a friend suggested areas with gangs and that's been a little more successful a google search.
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