How to configuring my Cisco 877 small business router for the Internet...
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Please help me configuring my Cisco 877 small business router for the Internet...

I’m able to get the CD (Carrier detected) light to come on, my LAN lights & I’m able see other computers on my network through my network places.

The problem is when I try to run the SDM express wizard to set up the Internet with the CD I got along with the router I gets stuck on the page “Internet (WAN) – DHCP server configuration” where I enter my primary and secondary DNS and when I try click the “next” button nothing happens at all, It just gets stuck, I can go back and redo the step but it always gets stuck on the same step (Where I can't click next).

I’ve tried contacting the excellent CISCO support but they say I didn’t purchase the item from an authorized seller because I bought it over eBay and they instructed me to contact the point of sale and change the owner over through CISCO. I tried contacting the seller and he says the company he worked for went to liquidation and he doesn’t have the correct details to be able to change the customer profile through CISCO.

Just wondering is there any way around the SDM?

I’m no guru at command line interface…

I’d really need some help with it.

P.S. I have a feeling it may be the firmware… if anyone can get me the new firmware version 4 for my product through the CISCO website that would be really helpful.

Or is it too much trouble and should I just get a return from the eBay seller?
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Try using IE as your browser. I've seen some older router UIs have terrible problems with Chrome or firefox.

Also, try telneting to it. Most cisco routers have a command line that's more powerful than the web interface, anyway.
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I"m really not familiar with the 877, so i'm looking through the cisco site -- does it have a console port? Most cisco devices, if you connect the console cable to a serial port on the computer when you boot it the first time, will take you through a setup process that's similar to what you'd go through with SDM. You might have to go through a factory reset first to make that happen, though.
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If you are using DHCP on the WAN side, you shouldn't need to configure the DNS. If you want to use a different DNS than your ISP provides, I would suggest letting it autoconfigure through the ISP, and change the DNS afterwards.

Also, yes, do the factory reset.
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I would concur that you should factory default the router before trying to configure. How long did you wait for the DHCP page to complete? I've seen it take quite a few minutes, especially if there is an issue with the DHCP server upstream. Also...are you sure your ISP is using DHCP to provision you?

And, BTW, the firmware update is not free.
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What version of Java do you have installed? The SDM doesn't play nicely with the latest versions, you may need to downgrade. I've seen limited functionality with an 1841, until Java was downgraded to version 6 update 2. Then everything worked.
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