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I'm looking for Scandinavian (Swedish, Danish, Norwegian) Q&A web sites. They can be in any language, and all topics have interest.

Here are some examples:

- (about real estate)
- (about stock trading)
- (about poker)
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Major Swedish ones. You might also want to add Passagen debatt.
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Sol Guru is the Norwegian alternative to Yahoo! Answers.
Example: "My cats eat plastic. Is that normal?"

For medical advice, there's Doktor Online and Lommelegen.
Example: "I got pregant after group sex."

Ask an ornithologist: "what is this bird"?

Ask Benny about cars.
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Famileliv (family life) is a Swedish site with parents discussing just about everything, allthough focus is on kids, pregnancy, etc. Very big, by Swedish standards. Sort of a Flashback for mothers. More scary though, if you ask me.
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