Is it possible to mix the live iSight video stream?
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Using OS X, is it possible to show a photo in my live iSight video stream? (not using iChat)

I'd like to create a live video stream on my site without using uStream or some other service. I'd also like the ability to switch to a photo or slide show and back to video.

I imagine there's some way I can mix the input of that video feed before it gets uploaded. I'd like to find the simplest, unbranded way I can do it without writing a program myself. Any ideas?

I realize what I want may be unfeasible so any suggestions are appreciated.

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manycam is a free program that will do this for you. It is also capable of some pretty neat face-tracking effects; you can overlay virtual moustaches, glasses, masks and top hats to your own face in real time... haha. Enjoy!
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