"BOOM BOOM beep beep beep." Quick, what is this song?
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HouseMusicFilter: I'm looking for the name of a house song/sample from the early 90's in which there are no words (to my memory) and where the beat goes "BOOM BOOM beep beep beep" for pretty much the entirety of the song. If the song is in 4/4, then the "BOOMs" are on the 1 & 2 beats, and the three "beeps" are a triplet across the 3 & 4 beats.

I've heard this song sampled several times over the years in more recent house songs, and it's bothered me for just as long. If you know its name, please end my misery and let me know! :)
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Best answer: One that comes to mind is Mike Dunn's "Magic Feet," which was furthered by Lil' Louis' "The Original Video Clash" and Tyree's "Video Crash."
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Response by poster: Ah, I knew I could count on an AskMefite. Thank you :)
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