What's the best way for an American to buy a ticket to an Everton FC game?
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Everton FC hosts the Queen's Park Rangers on August 20th. I would like to see this match, and am willing to pay for a good seat. What's the best way for an American to buy a single ticket? Can I just show up at Goodison Park on the day of the match? Should I order a ticket in advance and have it shipped to the U.S.? Buy a ticket once I reach England in mid August?
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I'll defer to any Toffee here but I will be astonished if this sells out. I'd pitch up on the day and buy your ticket.
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Premiership games are all advance tickets, you can't pay on the door. Tickets are available online, just google "Premiership tickets 2011-2012" and you'll get plenty of agents, but I can't vouch for the legitimacy of any of the agencies which advertise online tickets. Perhaps if you contact the Premier League, it can point you in the direction of a legitimate ticket agent.

The Premier League
30 Gloucester Place
Tel 0044 (0)20 7864 9000
Fax 0044 (0)20 7864 9001
Mail info@premierleague.com
Web www.premierleague.co.uk
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You should be able to buy them online at the official site (http://www.evertonfc.com/tickets/premiership-ticket-information.html), though they aren't on sale yet. I doubt that game will sell out (looking at Everton's attendances last year, they didn't sell out many games) but I would recommend buying in advance rather than trying to buy from the ground - some English games are designated as all-ticket, meaning you cannot buy a ticket on the day. I doubt that would apply to this game, but you never know. I'd be inclined to buy now, but perhaps someone with more familiarity with Everton can speak up.

Looks like you need to register to use the site, but registration appears to be open to non-UK people, see https://eticketing.evertonfc.com/PagesPublic/Profile/Registration.aspx

[Pedantry, it's QPR, not The QPR :)]
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(On non-preview: OK, didn't realise all Premiership games were all-ticket. Definitely buy in advance).
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While it's true that you can't pay cash at the turnstile any more for the Premier League, all-ticket usually allows you to show up on the morning and buy from the ticket office. However, that can mean queues and less choice in where you sit.

Like everyone else, I don't think it's going to be a sell-out, and if you're prepared to wait a few weeks for the club to release ticket information, you'll be able to order online, pick your preferred area, and collect the ticket at the ground.

Alternatively, perhaps go to an Everton forum and mention that you're travelling from the US to watch the match? The regulars at most English clubs are usually pretty generous towards people coming in from afar, and you'll often find people who either have season tickets to spare (especially in the summer, because of family holidays, etc.) or even the odd hospitality ticket that might not be taken up for this particular match.
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Want to echo the comment about finding an Everton forum and asking this question. Make sure and include the fact that you are coming from the USA.
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Ring the ticket office and ask if you can buy one and pick it up on the day of the game. I've done this a couple of times - not at premiership games, but at Championship games - and I've not had any problems.
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