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dear metafilter, can you please help me find a quintessential image of Stevie Wonder? something like this but in colour, or this but playing a keyboard. i have been googling for an hour but i'm sure i'm missing something. i'm thinking braids, big smile, glasses, keyboard. A painting or drawing is good too. bonus points for simplicity - i'd like to turn it into a needlepoint. thank you so kindly.
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Have you tried searching for Stevie on Getty Images and Corbis? They both have significant celebrity collections. The pictures are returned in order from newest to oldest, so try at the end of the search results.
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The Hotter than July cover has a lot of what you're looking for (no keyboards, though), and it's definitely quintessential. Or maybe this (maybe you could make it a little simpler by leaving out the keys in the background)?
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What search terms are you using? This photo has braids, a sort of smile, glasses and a keyboard - or do you specifically need to see the keys?

There's also this (although he's not actually playing, there's plenty of keyboard action) and this
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I think taking his image from this album cover, which is your first image - but in colour, would make a beautiful needlepoint. There's also this one, with the braids, glasses and smile - but no keyboard; and this word cloud-type image is neat too - you could substitute your favourite songs. But, I think this image has all you're looking for, and when I think of Stevie Wonder, I picture him like this.
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The cover of The Definitive Collection is pretty canonical.

Nice gallery of album covers here:
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This photo, though b&w, is pretty close to my mental image of Stevie Wonder.
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How about this one? He's wearing the keys around his neck!
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I like the one on this page, but it is very small.
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