What's the closest UK equivalent to the New Yorker?
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What is the best forum in the United Kingdom for lengthy, in-depth narrative journalism, as exemplified in the United States by the New Yorker? I am aware of the New Statesman, the Spectator, and Prospect, but in my limited experience these seem more narrowly focused on current affairs and politics.
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London Review of Books, maybe.
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Yeah, I thought that as well but isn't that really more the equivalent of the NYRB?
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Yea, this is a tricky one, I'm not sure we really have an equivalent. That's why I spend so much of my time on US sites. Granta is the only thing I can think of that vaguely matches the New Yorker, but I don't know that's what you're after.
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The New Yorker's product is a rare one - there isn't a direct UK equivalent.
But that type of writing is traditionally found in 'the Sunday papers' - eg The Observer, Independent on Sunday, Sunday Telegraph. The main difference is that you can't buy a stand-alone magazine of great long-form journalism; but if you are willing to wade through acres of newsprint - tv guides, fashion supplements, etc. But it can be found!
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Granta, without a doubt.
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In the absence of a single site, check out The Browser, it's an aggregator but it's a lot of fun and links to the kind of reads I think you're after.
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Granta is certainly the closest match for the New Yorker's fiction writing, but it doesn't really do long form journalism (unless you count travel and non-fiction memoirs), which is what the OP is after.

The LRB is somewhere between the NYRB and the New Yorker, and is worth checking out. Maybe Intelligent Life, the culture spin off of The Economist? Failing that, as sleepy boy says, the Sunday papers.
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How about Prospect magazine?

Or The New Statesman?

Bith contain excellent fiction, opinion, culture sections, and long-form features.
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