"Coffee makes you GO!" Why, and what to do?
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My brother-in-law used to run a coffee shop. He sold mugs with the slogan, "Coffee makes you GO!", alluding of course to that common side effect of coffee, diarrhea. My question is: 1. Why does coffee cause diarrhea? 2. What can be done about it, apart from (a) giving up coffee, or (b) taking a daily dose of Imodium / Loperamide? Coffee is like physics: we love it, and yet we hate it. Please help me hate it less. Bottoms up!
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Coffee makes you poop. I think it's the stimulant effects of the caffeine. I think that one's body adjusts to coffee over time, so if the effect is problematic for you, drink less and slowly increase your intake. Or drink decaf.
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Caffeine is a diuretic that also stimulates your digestive system.
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And since it's a diuretic, it also makes you go #1!
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Best answer: 1) Caffeine inhibits an enzyme that is thought to regulate mucosal secretions in your small intestine. Secretions go up, so fluid in your bowel goes up, and if the amount of fluid in your colon is greater than the amount of fluid you can reabsorb, splat, you get diarrhea, or at least looser stools.

2) I'm with bonheur. Drink it slower, dilute it, or try tea.
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Try yerba matte instead, much smoother buzz with the added
bonus: 30%rda of calcium. It however, does make you go, as well.
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Or go completely over to the darkside, like me, to the point where you cannot poop at all without it, but poop glorious poops with clock-like precision when you do get it.
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Response by poster: gramcracker: So if diarrhea occurs because your colon can't absorb all the fluid available, would drinking less fluid and staying less hydrated stem the diarrhea? I drink several Nalgene bottles of water a day, as it happens.
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too much information, scarabic
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This caffeine addict hasn't had diarhhea in years. I certainly didn't think it was common knowledge that coffee makes you poo, or poo in liquid form. Maybe the coffee's different in america...
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I don't know the effects of caffeine on the gut when you're dehydrated, but I don't think that's a good idea; dehydration can lead to much more significant problems. And part of the reason you're probably drinking so much water is because you're peeing and pooping out so much fluid already.

Your body will do whatever necessary to maintain your homeostatic blood volume and electrolyte concentrations; if you try to just drink less water, it's just going to just make you thirstier and retain more water; you'll still have plenty to be secreted into your gut.
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be careful switching to yerba matte. first time i drank it, from a gourd half full of leaves, without pouring off a few fills, i was quite ill. it's powerful stuff.
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I'd never heard that coffee gives your diarrhea. It doesn't seem to do that to me. Of course, it doesn't seem to wake me up, either.
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Scarabic, what's amazing is that once you're properly trained, you can force yourself to go 3-5 hours early. I learned this as a graduate student in Montana. I would go out elk hunting in the fall, this consisted of trudging up and down hills and mountains in knee deep snow from before sun rise till after sun down.
Below zero temps and a brisk wind made it uncomfortable to go in the woods. However, 2 cups at 4:30 am had an almost instantaneous effect, just like it normally did at 8:30 am on a non-hunting day.
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too much information, scarabic

You've got no business clicking on a thread about diarrhea and then busting out this attitude.
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At our house, we call it "coffee colon." I don't think that there's anything to do for it, other than, uh, being prepared.

Oh, and dehydrating yourself is never a good idea. Unless you like the idea of your blood pressure dropping to the point where you pass out.

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It keeps me regular, but never gives me diarrhea.
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Yeah, can we please distinguish diarrhoea from "strong impulse to shit?" Diarrhoea is thin watery stool. Never had that from coffee. Stimulation to poo? Why yes, especially from the fiendish strong French press coffee I make at work.

Not quite as stimulating as the first cigarette of the day, though.
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This is a shitty thread.
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yeah, I always go to starbucks when I feel a bit constipated. But diahorrhea? Never.
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(The diahorrhor... The diahorrhor...)
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I would do some google searches, but from what I've read in various studies:
  • Caffeine is a diuretic, but it does not cause dehydration (the body retains some of the fluid you drink from coffee, so there is a small net gain of fluid)
  • Caffeine improves endurance and performance in many aerobic athletic activities
  • When used before exercise, the diuretic side-effects seem to go away, so it is overall a pretty good thing
  • Caffeine increases blood pressure, so if you have high BP don't go taking caffeine before exerting a lot of energy and then blame me when you die

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Best answer: I can definetly second the coffee = diarrhea phenom - I've noticed it's easily avoided as long as I don't drink coffee on an empty stomach, so always make sure to get breakfast in before your coffee rounds and you should be fine.
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What scarabic and sluggo said.
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