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How should I manage multiple accounts with my mac?

I use for my personal bookmarks and was just making a list of links on my blog (a running tally of Google Maps hacks), and realized that it would be easier to use for that too. I want to keep it separate from my personal links for clarity, since I'll be sub-categorizing the links and there is overlap with my current non-map related tags.

The problem is that I enjoy the convenience of staying logged in under my personal username and I don't want to have to re-log in every time I post a link. I only expect to update this new account once a week or so, but I post to my personal account all the time. Is there a setting or cookie I can change/delete on my iBook after I update this new account so that only my personal account settings are saved? I'm using OS X 10.3.9.
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A couple of options (depending on the speicifics of how you use delicious):

1. Use a single delicious account, and simply use a flag for ALL your non-personal links. for instance, I use tags with a leading underscore for my "meta" tags: _watch, _todo, etc.) Then when you pull your links into your nonpersonal site, filter by that flag.

2. Use a favelet like this or this that does not require that you be logged in to post (it uses the API instead of the regular interface) but this does not allow you to add tags other than ones you hard-code into the favelet.

It depends on how much tagging you do for your non-personal account, whether you will want to be able to add tags on the or not. I suppose it also depends on how you are incorporating your delicious links into your blog, also, whether that allows you to filter by a tag.
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To clarify: my option #2 above would enable you to use a second delicious account, but would not require that you be logged in as that user in order to post.

Also, apologies for my glaring typo.
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How about running one in firefox and the other in safari?
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The Firefox delicious extension supports multiple accounts.

Personally, I'm a fan of tagging and recommend you take misterbrandt's first suggestion and tag everything for your blog with linkblog, then just display on your blog.
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As an extension to misterbrandt's option 2, you could then have two seperate shortcuts on your browser for each account: "post to this", "post to that" -- it's nice and elegant.

That said I think option 1 is much better. For example

My bookmarks are here: I use the tag "music links" (here: for anything I want to pop to the links section of my music site (here: In hindsight I'd have used a slightly more descriptive tag, but it certainly isn't worth changing now.

(I don't get the leading underscore thing, by the way.)
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nthdegx: the leading underscore is so the tag sorts at the front of the tag list in the fancy delicious posting interface...
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