Online Art Critique Tool?
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Any online artist critique sites that can be customized?

I belong to a group of artists from around the world and we want to set up a site where a person can submit their work and other lead members of that group can critique their work. I'd like a site like but one that is less-business oriented and more artist-oriented. Ideally it would have logins for artists submitting work and for the critiquers, and a forum-type layout that others can view without having a login.

Do you have any recommendations for sites or tools we can use?
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This isn't a site specifically for critique but it may be useful for your purposes. Artists submit work and then it's critiqued by their curatorial staff to see if it's accepted or not as part of their online registry.
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We are currently working on a solution for this problem and would love to get your feedback on what we are working on and see if it might suit your needs. I am a painter myself.

In fact would love to hear from anyone who might be interested in this area.


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