Sinister solo church organ
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Dark, creepy, church organ music

I am looking for music that is similar to the soundtrack of Last Year in Marienbad wikipedia, imdb. This surrealistic movie's atmosphere is created by the stark black and white photography and the formal interiors; but the solo organ pieces that flit throughout the short film add greatly to the disorientation.

I looked into this AskMe thread and found many of the classics, but I am looking for something more free-form, less structured, that burrows in and festers. Share your links to your creepiest tracks and titles!
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How about the background music at the beginning of this anime clip?

It would be part of the OST for the series, if it fits your needs.
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You might look into E. Power Biggs solo organ catalog for some inspiration. His Historic Organs of (various countries) series has a number of darkly voiced, solo organ pieces, set in the great cathedrals and halls of Europe, with all their resonance and sub-harmonic glory. For full effect (and to avoid standing wave interference and cancellation on his deep, long wavelength bass lines), take a hall no less than 50' by 20' by 20' in dimension, a very powerful, low distortion amplifier, and a first rate pair of speakers with you on the journey.
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How about Carnival of Souls? One downside is that, while you can get the soundtrack, it's pulled from the audio of the film, rather than as a separate track.
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You may enjoy the Carnival of Souls soundtrack.
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Seconding the Philip Glass. True creepiness.
I tried to find more recordings of compositions by Francis Seyrig, but Marienbad was all that was online.

Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition has some occasional creepiness... Though originally written for the piano, I know of three arrangements for organ (Hansjörg Albrecht, Arthur Wills & Jean Guillou) which have been recorded. Here's an example of Guillou's arrangement of The Hut on Chicken Legs (Baba Yaga) played by Etienne Walhain. Challenging accoustics, of course, so the recording isn't perfect.

And here is the man himself, playing one of his own compositions. Yes, some creepiness.
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It's very very hard to find, but if you can, you really really want to get your hands on Heinz Balli (and you want this specific guy - he makes it absolutely bleed) playing Bach's Passacaglia in C minor BWV582. It's usually on the Denon label. It's worth the hunt if you want that super special my-soul-is-bleeding-in-hell feeling. It's really something.
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