Quick look at an old .pst file?
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Outlook filter: How can I easily view an archived .pst file?

I need to find an email in an old .pst file. In the past I've 1) closed Outlook, 2) renamed the current .pst file, 3) put the archived .pst file in the same folder, and 4) opened Outlook. That worked.
Is that the only way to do it? Or is there something better?
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Should have made clear: After I find what I need, I close Outlook, remove the archive .pst file, change the current .pst file back to its original name, and proceed.
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You can have multiple PST files open in Outlook at the same time. No need to close and/or rename them. Just go to File > Data File Management > Add and add the one you want to get into.
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Lazlo! Thanks so much.
I guess it's one of those things that if you know about it, it's easy. But if it's a gap . . .
Anyway, I'm back in action -- used your method and found exactly what I needed.
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