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Help me name my blog, which is going to chronicle our adventures leading up to and during (and hopefully after) an 8-month world tour. I like witty, short titles. More details inside.

To prepare for this trip, my SO and I will be living like paupers for the next year to save money, and then selling everything and quitting our jobs just before we leave. The blog will chronicle our reasons for wanting to leave, our efforts to prepare for the trip, and pretty much anything else that comes up. The goal is to "reset" our lives, essentially. While also seeing the world before we settle down and make babies.

Help us think of a great title for such a blog.

Thanks, hive mind!!!
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Passepar Two
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Reset Roaming
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Naming your blog is like getting a first tattoo. If you have to ask somebody else what it should be, you're probably not ready to have one.
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Best answer: Ctrl-Alt-Depart

if you want to register a domain for the blog, ctrl-alt-depart.com (and other TLDs) is available.
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Blogal Tour

(Alright, it's weak. But I like anagrams.)
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eTour Route

(Also palindromes and puns.)
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Have Savings, Will Travel...

Spare Change for Change...

(actually, I like Ctrl-Alt-Depart best!)
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Coming Full Circle
Around the World in 244 Days
Circumnavigation Unplugged
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Global Roaming

50 ways to leave (with) your lover.

Precreate (i.e., pre-procreation).

Meh, I'm pretty sleep deprived. These probably all suck.
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2nding Cntrl-Alt-Depart
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Carmen Sandiego's Proteges
Honey, I Lost the Map
Stories from Elsewhere
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Ctrl-Alt-Depart is great. Some other possibilities:

Global Charming
The Grand Detour
The Terra Novitiates
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Response by poster: Wow, these are all great, thanks so much! I too like ctrl-alt-depart...a blog of that name may be invading the blogosphere sometime soon.
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I Have an Eight-Month Itinerary and My House-Sitter Has a Handgun
If You Don't Google Me Up and then Rob Me, I Will Show you my Trip Pictures When I Get Back
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