Sandman story where Death closes up shop?
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Is there a Sandman story depicting the end of the universe?

Years ago, a friend mentioned reading a Sandman story that shows Death making her rounds to close up the universe, including paying visits to the other members of the Endless.

I've read the entire Gaiman written series, as well as Endless Nights and the Death books, so I know it's not in there. I do remember Death talking about how she would be the one to shut off the lights on her way out.

Does this story exist anywhere, or was my crazy friend just crazy?
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It wasn't part of the original 60-issue comic series.
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Best answer: It's in The Books of Magic prequel series, in the same universe. Timothy runs across Death a few times over the course of the Series
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Best answer: I'm pretty sure there was a scene of Death at the end of the universe in the "Books of Magic" 4-parter, though I don't think the rest of the Endless are shown.
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I have very few memories of The Sandman: Book of Dreams short story collection, but maybe it's in there?

(Probably unlikely since the plot points don't really match up -- but maybe your friend just has vague recollections of Jill Thompson's manga-esque At Death's Door?)
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Yeah I do remember the first book from the Books of Magic series where Death talks about closing up shop, "putting the chairs upside-down on the tables" (or maybe it was what you said about turning out the lights) but I don't remember exactly what you're describing. I was going to say check out the Death series but I guess you've read them.
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If I remember correctly the scene showed Dead and Destiny, but not the other Endless.
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Best answer: The end of the universe is shown in one of the Books of Magic, yes. Death tells Timothy that he (and someone else, I forgot who) don't belong there and sends them back to their own time.
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Best answer: Oh, it looks like that happens in Book IV: The Road To Nowhere, if you're interested in looking it up.
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Best answer: It was Timothy and Mister E at the end of time, where

Spoiler? Really?

Mister E had taken Timothy as far into the future as he could to kill him. By going so far into the future, the others would be unable to interfere. Somehow, Yo-yo the owl manages to follow them, and saves Timothy. Death shows up, takes Destiny, then sends Timothy back. She makes Mister E 'walk' back through time, however. The other members of the trenchcoat brigade mention that it is a harsh punishment, and will take a long time.
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Response by poster: Thanks all, that must be it, as I specifically remember my friend mentioning Destiny but not the others. And I've read Books of Magic too, once upon a time. Anyway, huzzah!
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