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I am looking for the best free software to make interesting and compelling infographics. Venn diagrams, word clouds, bar charts- hopefully a couple of options in order to make good looking infographics. Any recommendations or advice is welcome.
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Openoffice at is free and includes a word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation creating software. It is just like a Microsoft Office in its capabilities.
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IBM's Many Eyes is free and has a lot of options.
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You probably want a vector drawing program, so Inkscape.
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I have yet to see an infographic that couldn't be done well in Inkscape. I have, however, found lots of problems and annoyances with OpenOffice's graphic export capabilities (even to straight PNG) as well as its automated features like connectors, editable shapes, etc.

The real secrets to infographics are all in your head anyway: Personal experience with data visualization (and perhaps a library of sources to draw on), knowledge of design principles, and the ability to throw a basic story arc together.
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I personally use Visio (open office) a lot, but I haven't compared it to any other graphing software. However its silly expensive. I believe Gliffy has a similar feature set, and its free.
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Um, when I said open office, obviously I meant microsoft office.
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I like yEd Graph Editor because it's free and fairly easy to use. I'm not sure how customizable it is if you want to get creative with your infographics though.
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Wordle makes nice looking word clouds.
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Just tried IBM Many Eyes - wonderful for word clouds and relationships between concepts. You can take a piece of legislation, for example, and graph all occurrences of "X shall Y" to tease out the main obligations.
I have also been using Tableau Public, at Also very effective - more data centric and less word-cloud capable than IBM Many Eyes.
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Consider going cloud for quick and dirty graphs:
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OmniGraffle and OmniGraphSketcher. Mac only.
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