Can't misses in Athens, Ohio?
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Visiting Athens, Ohio in a week, anything I should make sure not to miss?

Wife and I are spending two days and one night next weekend in Athens, OH. I want to make sure I hit all the high points, so would love to be pointed in the direction of best food, bars, attractions, etc.
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I'd strongly recommend Old Man's Cave and Ash Cave, which are a part of a great network of trails in nearby Hocking Hills.
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There's the Round House in Logan, an oddity just off Chieftain drive between Kroger's and the Canoe Livery.

The Hocking Hills now has a zipline canopy tour, which looks awesome.

Up the road in Nelsonville is Stuart's Opera House - might be worth checking what's on there.

Also in Nelsonville is the Rocky Boot Store - good for a visit to pick up a bargain pair of winter boots.

For dining, there's a good restaurant - Rhapsody - in Nelsonville, a few doors down from the Opera House.

My favourite place to eat in Athens is Casa Nueva.

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Yum, Casa Nueva is the best.

Also the best?

Donkey Coffee

Bagel Street Deli
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Don't miss Quilt National!! It's fantastic.
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O'Betty's Red Hot!
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Hey, I work at the Kroger in Athens - come say hi! I'm David in the produce department lol

Seriously, Athens is a great little town, a hippie mecca in the midst of Appalachia. Please do visit Passion Works art studio ( and pick up a Passion Flower, which is the official flag of Athens.
Casa Nueva has some great food, for sure... highly recommended.

All through town, you may notice the Athens city flag ( which was designed by my wife Christine.

I moved here to Athens in 1995, from Newfoundland, Canada, and love this place. In fact, just yesterday, I was approved for US citizenship, and couldn't be happier.

I hope you enjoy your visit. It's not the flashiest place in the world, but we love it here!
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