on the Kindle 3G?
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Is it possible to use on the Kindle 3G using the built-in web browser and 3G connection?

I'm thinking of getting a 3G Kindle and something I would love to have is the ability to play my games on wherever I am. I was wondering if there was any way to use successfully on the Kindle's browser?

I don't think it's possible using the regular website, as shown by this youtube video. But is there a way around this? Perhaps a mobile option or other workaround?
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Best answer: I just tried the website on my Kindle, and it got so slow that I got annoyed. You can get to the site no problem, but as I clicked on links to play, it got slower. I wasn't trying to play a game, just seeing what my options were. I didn't want to sign up for an account so I never got to a game. However I did see that they offer the turn based games via cell that an option for you?

Hopefully someone else will come by with more chess experience and an account to try. If not, I could try again tomorrow...I'm just too sleepy and short tempered to get very far with it tonight.

If they have a mobile site for phones, that might be less work for the Kindle to load...I didn't think about trying that tonight.
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