Please help identify this painting
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This is a screencap from an episode of the "Ray Bradbury Theater" series from the 1980's. I tried using the Google Goggles app on my phone, both with the picture on my TV and on my computer monitor, but it can't scan it all the way. When it does come close, it can identify it as some sort of iconography, but that's it. Does anybody have any idea who the artist might be, or the title of the painting itself?

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I can't see your link, can you link it again?
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I'm having problems with the html for some reason. Working on the link. Sorry about that.
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Ah, it says images are stripped out in the "html" help section. So maybe I'm out of luck, then, darnit.
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yea, metafilter & assoc. doesn't allow img tags anymore; you would have to put the photo on flickr or something of its ilk and post a link to that.
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I'll have to do that, then. The image is in Photobucket right now, so I guess that's a no-no. I'll give Flickr a try.
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None of my HTML links are showing up, no matter from where the source may be. I have the blue "link" option at the bottom of the text window here; I have a basic grasp of HTML and so they look correct to me when I add them to the text---but none of them work.

Maybe I should post when I'm not sick and easily frustrated.
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Try posting just the URL by itself.
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(that is, post it just as plain text, not as a link)
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The URL of your photobucket image should work fine; someone here can linkify it for you. What Mefi doesn't allow is inline images, which would display the image on this page. It's fine to link to an image that's displayed on another site, including photobucket.
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Ah, there, you see? Too much NyQuil not letting me think clearly. Thank you for your help and patience.

Here's the link -
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direct link to image
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According to this Ray Bradbury theater episode guide, looks like it's from season 1, episode 6: "Banshee", in which "an offbeat film director frightens a writer with larger-then-life ghost stories." with Peter O'Toole and Charles Martin Smith.
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Yes, that's where I got the screencap from. It's the painting itself, the one in the background, that I'm trying to identify. It might just have been painted for the set, but it seems a familiar style to me--maybe Klimt?--but I haven't been able to find it anywhere.
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I can't i.d. it exactly, but it reminds me of jean delville, belgian symbolist, or h.r. giger (possibly nsfw), also fantasy painters like boris vallejo. but teh googles, they do nothing.
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I'm halfway remembering this painting, and I think it's a regal-looking queen-type figure with a headdress of some kind, and kind of an art deco style with clean lines. I may be thinking of a different painting though. It may be one of those paintings that's a favorite among first-year art-history students who are looking for something a bit different to choose as their favorite. I'm pretty sure it's 20th century. I'll ask around.
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