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Help me figure out what a mark on my eye prescription means...

Spherical - Cylindrical - Axis
OD PL +1.00 $
OS PL -- --

For the Axis on my right eye, the mark was "$". I have a slight astigmatism.

The left eye has a dash (I have no correction in my left eye).

I can't figure out how the "$" should be indicated when I order my glasses online.

All vendor only indicate a numerical value between 0 and 180.

I would have thought it would be 0, but that is what I know should be indicated for my left eye.

Thank you!
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Are you sure it is a dollar sign and not o/o written very quickly?
posted by Justinian at 7:05 PM on July 1, 2011

I suppose that's possible - It's looks like a dollar sign to me, but what does o/o mean?
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0/0 might mean no cylindrical component (zero cylindrical, zero axis)? Your doctor might have wanted to be explicit about that since there is a spherical correction for that eye. Do you have a previous prescription that you could compare against?

But it seems to be the right thing to do would be to contact the office of the doctor who examined you and ask. They'd be familiar with his or her notational quirks.
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seems to be me
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My cylindrical is +1.00 - That is pretty clear on the card. The Axis the question.

My previous prescription was:
OD +.50 -0.25 x022
OS +.25

So, am not sure. Soooooo confusing! And I might have to just call the Opth office. They were sort of jerks (like wouldn't give me my pupil distance, etc, told me I shouldn't be ordering glasses online, etc) when I called the first time so I was hoping to just get the answers myself and avoid ever going back. They wanted me to buy glasses from their optometry shop, which I understand, but I can't see spending $500 for reading glasses of such a simple prescription, when I can get them online for less than $100.
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Astigmatisms that are slight may be detected in one exam and not in the next. I'm wondering if the $ is shorthand for spherical. I had one exam that found one but never again.

You have a right to fill your prescription where you want and they can't withhold medical records, including exam results, from you in this instance.
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0/0 would mean 0 in both eyes.
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