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Female health filter- how to prevent bloating in the week of your wedding?

Any tips for preventing bloating for a girl about to get married? My wedding is at 'that time of the month' so I will be retaining lots of water. Any other beauty tips for a bride to be? Many thanks!
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Reduce your salt intake, and maybe stick to a low carb diet. Sodium and carbs tend to cause bloating, so refraining from eating much of both should help.
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Yep, avoid salt. And alcohol. Drink plenty of water! Eating bananas will help as the potassium reduces water retention. Drink some cranberry juice or take some dandelion root tablets, both are natural diuretics.

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If you are on the pill consider taking it continuously and skipping the whole deal.
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Avoiding salt is number 1. Adding in some light physical activity is #2 if you aren't exercising already. And then for a day or two before, make your drink of choice mint tea. Its a pretty good diuretic, without pumping you full of caffeine or chemicals.
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I understand that watermelon is a diuretic as well.
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You know, it was supposed to be that time of the month for my wedding, and somehow, by sheer force of will, it seemed like, I managed to sort of push it a few days later in the month starting a couple of months before the wedding. So don't discount willpower and stress...

But even with that, I was worried about bloating, too, especially because I would be eating and drinking a lot in the two or three days immediately preceding the wedding (rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, bachelorette party, etc.). So my approach that week was to continue, as I had been for a couple of months already, eating smaller meals throughout the day and restricting calories a bit. (I also truly did forget to eat at points during that week, so that probably helped—but I wouldn't really recommend that as a deliberate strategy.)

But the point is to shrink your stomach's capacity a bit, so you're satisfied sooner and don't need to/want to eat as much when you're out later in the week—and also so that you sort of have more room in your intestines (gross to think about, I know, but that's where the food goes) to eat a bit more during that weekend if you want to without worrying that you're going to get overly full and bloated. This "smaller meals" approach definitely worked for me—this is probably TMI (sorry!), but due to the stress of everything, I actually didn't end up pooping for about a week surrounding the wedding, starting about two days beforehand and ending mid-honeymoon, and yet I definitely didn't look bloated that weekend. So...there you go!
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Soy is also very bloaty for some people, and some form of soy is in a ton of foods, especially packaged foods -- but of course, those tend to have a lot of sodium as well.
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gomichild writes "If you are on the pill consider taking it continuously and skipping the whole deal."

This is by far the easiest. If you've got a couple months to plan skip your placebos one month ahead because some people experience spotting but by the next month everything proceeds as usual just with the schedule shifted one week.
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Cutting out the carbs for the week prior will definitely help, but if you're going to do it be sure you do it for at least a full week to give yourself time to get through the miserable headache-y first 3 days or so of "carb detox." That's the last thing you need to be dealing with at your wedding!
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Celery seed tablets work for me. They are a diuretic and make you pee like a horse so be warned, but they really help me with time of the month fluid retention. Though your burps will taste disconcertingly like celery seeds.

I had my "ladytimes" as my husband likes to call them during my wedding, make sure to stock up a bridesmaid (or in my case the mother of the bride) with any and all possible things you'll need for them, make sure to include something for period cramps, trying to look like a glowing bride when all I wanted was a hot water bottle and a lie down was not my greatest moment. (Well that and the bouquet I had spent hours making got left at home).
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