Spider Identification
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I recently ran across this little lady on my garden hose in my backyard in Milwaukee, WI. She moved very quickly when she wanted to, but mostly just tried to stay out of the sun. I snapped a couple pictures. She had a small white spot on top of her abdomen.
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Looks like a (common) jumping spider. They have slightly different marking nationwide, but are really awesome and great hunters!

Here's the Universty of Minnesota's extension site on spiders.

Also, it appears to be some form of the Phidippus genus (Daring Jumping Spider). Here's a pretty cool page on Salticidae of Wisconsin.
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I was thinking jumping spider as well.
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I've been calling those little things "bungee jumping spiders" for their tendency to suddenly jump off the ceiling suddenly, swinging at the end of a nearly invisible thread of silk. Little did I know that they are officially called jumping spiders. Thanks, Metafilter!
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Sweet, thanks for the help.
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