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How to keep elastic waist skirts from riding up?

I have a few elastic waist skirts that I wear quite often now that it's summer and also because I've er, gained a bit of weight in the waist. They go to about above the knee, and aren't pencil skirts nor do they flare out.

They are SO comfortable, but they ride up in the back. I've had one too many women chase me down the street to tell me to pull down my skirt in the back, (it's not even that they're riding up that high, but it's still not great) but I don't know what to do. Any tips or tricks at all? Pin them to my underwear? Sew magnets in the bottom (joking) WTF do I do here?
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I have that problem in general, so I hike the front of the skirt up as soon as I put it on, I find it evens it out. This obviously only works if you're not wearing something tucked in.
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Best answer: Sort of bizarre solution:

About a year ago I inadvertently discovered how "Proper Foundation Garments" work to keep everything in place. Namely, on an emergency underwear run (what, you don't do those?), I accidentally bought a pair of high-wasted granny-panty style briefs*. Which I wore to work with a short elastic-waist skirt paired with a tucked-in tee. So, recipe for riding up down and all around. The high waist of the granny-panties kept everything in place, presumably because the waistband of the skirt and lower tucked in bit of the shirt had fabric to lie against.

So, um. Stop wearing low wasted underpants.

*Because I was in a hurry, and it was Uniqlo where you can't actually open the packet to look at the underwear you're frantically grabbing at on your way to the subway at 9:53 on a Tuesday night when you knowingly neglected to do the laundry last weekend... WHUT.
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I hate when that happens. These work very well for me; they don't let the fabric stick to the back of your legs. There are other brands that make them with a shorter leg, but these are my favorite.
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Are you wearing the skirt at your natural waist, or trying to wear it at the level that your jeans/pants waist would hit, which is (nowadays with current trends) usually well below natural waist?

Elastic waisted things will want to be around the smallest part of your body unless something stops them (like the crotch of a pair of sweatpants or leggings, for instance).
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Response by poster: I wear them at the natural waist, but the issue seems to be that the back is uneven from the front.
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You might have a tilted waist. I do; my natural waist is lower in the front than in the back. That, combined with my, ahem, generous booty, means that I often need to alter skirts so that the hem lies even.
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the issue seems to be that the back is uneven from the front

Ooh, ooh! I know this one! Do you have a booty? I started wearing skirts recently (I was a jeans and t-shirt person my whole life) after getting a huge influx of 2nd-hand clothes from a friend who had to move suddenly. Several of these are elastic waist, most are zip-side, all are A-line cut. I have some junk, as they say, in the trunk. All of my skirts ride at least 2 inches higher in the back than the front, due to ass projection. If you pull the front of your skirts up a little more than seems natural, the back will fall down a little bit and even things out.

As for the riding up in general problem, every once in a while just give everything a good tug back into place. Doesn't solve it, but at least it keeps you from showing off the goods as you walk down the street.
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Do you wear a backpack or carry a bag that rests on your back? Don't.

I have the tilted waist/too much rear thing, too, and a tailed skirt hides everything. Doesn't have to be a long one, just long enough that it still looks deliberate even after it rides up.
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