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Can you provide a date and context to this photographic proof sheet depicting an oversexed minor royal?

I picked this up at a junk shop in London. The reverse side reveals it is the charming, bisexual, dissolute Prince George, Duke of Kent. Detail. It apparently came together with some enormous fancy gilt presentation case which I didn't purchase.

Looks to me like the royal equivalent of taking 200 iPhone photos to get the perfect Facebook pic. Any guesses as to the date and historical context?
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Polyfoto was the forerunner of the photobooth. The polyphoto camera took many exposures and the sitter could then order various copies of the best images.

Intriguing item. It would be interesting to know if polyphoto was used by news agencies etc, or if this is a personal set of photographs.
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Response by poster: fire&wings - I think the presentation box it came in had some kind of royal insignia on it, as if it was created especially for him.
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I have no idea what this means, but there seems to be a photo of your photos here (see 326141g).
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... scratch that, they're similar but not the same.
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My guess is around 1940. He looks about 38 there. Here he is in 1934.
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Maybe an artist's reference for a painting or bust of Prince George. Then they could have gone about their royal business instead of wasting all that time at a sitting.
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