getting my car windows tinted
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Car Window Tinting, in the Boston area?

I'm looking to get my car windows tinted. Does anybody know of any reputable engineers/mechanics/ninjas in the immediate Boston area they could refer me to? My Google-fu, yelp-fu failed to find me anything substantial. At the same time, if there is a must-go place in NH for example, I could be swayed.

Bonus points for ballpark prices for tinting a 4 door sedan's windows, brands of tint?, smart questions to ask.

thank you.
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Best answer: Sorry, I can't recommend a place in Boston. I can tell you I had my car tinted (4 door sedan) for around $285 with Llumar film. It's been on the car for over 3 years and still looks great (no discoloration or bubbling). It was done by a little shop in Cranston, RI called Sunset Tint, whom I recommend if you're in the area.
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Best answer: I have heard nothing but positive things about Tint King in Billerica, which is down the street from an auto glass warehouse I worked at many years ago, it was very well-known by everyone in my office who tinted their windows (and installers recommended them). I still hear about it from car-geek friends as well.
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The thing about a market like Boston is that there will tend to be a shorter supply of window tinting companies. In a colder market, it's a less demanded business, so the supply does the same thing. Go to a place like Dallas or San Diego - it would be a completely different story. I would still be led to believe that Boston has a few gems.
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