A guthub for Clearcase? Clearhub?
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Does anyone provide public hosting for Clearcase? e.g. a Github for Clearcase?

I need to get some experience with Clearcase and would like to play around with some real projects that have history in them.

Is anyone aware of any open source projects that are hosted publicly on Clearcase? (I know that is likely to be rare)

Barring that is anyone aware of Clearcase hosting were you can purchase a Clearcase instance, kind of like Github?

Sample projects hosted at IBM would be interesting as well.
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Sorry to give a non-answer, but since Clearcase works over a modified NFS protocol and requires near constant contact with your Clearcase server, I would be VERY doubtful that one would exist.
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This LinkedIn thread mentions that IBM has done this for people. This is the kind of thing that sounds expensive, as Clearcase costs money per-user.
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