What can I do with a large quantity of CD-ROMs?
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I have over 1,000 copies of several PC videogame CD-ROMs. The games are widely distributed/available, so the discs probably don't have any value to gamers. What can I do with them beside give them away? Creative or crafty ideas welcome. Also, not against making a little money if it's possible.

I used to be a retail brand rep for a computer manufacturer, and I was given all sorts of swag to give away to customers and retail sales associates (pens, thumb drives, pamphlets, etc.) This included a number of PC game CD-ROMs, of 8 different games (e.g. Prince of Persia, FarCry, to give you an idea of the era.) At first I had no problem giving away the discs, but they just kept sending me more and more.

I don't have the job anymore, but I still have a stockpile of over 1,000 discs in plain white sleeves, 150-500 of each game. I'm looking for a way to get rid of them. I doubt anyone would buy a copy to actually play the game, since I'm sure these are easy enough to download or pirate. So what can I do with them? I'm open to any and all ideas. I can get a bit crafty and I'm not against destroying the discs in the name of art. Any ideas that could result in a little walking-around money?
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Give them to a public library?
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Library is a great idea - also, I say put them up on ebay or craigslist. There are loads of people out there who wouldn't want to pirate these games but never got a chance to play 'em. Memail me and I'll send you my address. :)
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Contrary to the above two posts, I don't think a library is a good idea. You would be amazed at the amount of well intentioned junk that libraries and non-profits get, and I have not met a library that is looking for Farcry era white sleeve video games.

Take a few copies of each game and archive them, then junk the rest. Maybe in 50 years time when you are thinking of retirement these will be worth something.
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I think you should contact this guy. He is deeply connected to computer museums and software archiving projects.

I sent him this thread via twitter.
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Yes, send them to me. I'll pay postage and digitize them, where needed, or see they're stored properly. You would be surprised what has and has not survived. Contact me on here or at Jscott@archive.org.
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Please post the rest of the titles.

I might like a copy. And I know several people who retrogame that era.
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Is there a Boys & Girls Club in your area? or a Boy Scout troop? they might like them to give away. For a lot of kids, a new game is a treat.
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I'm with NetZapper, and I'd PayPal you some scratch for shipping.
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Response by poster: I'm surprised that any gamers would actually want copies. I'll post all the titles when I get a chance. But I'm trying to avoid more than one trip to the post office; otherwise I would've put them up on Craigslist long ago.

I like the idea of donating them to a library or to a kid's charity, but I'm looking more for suggestions on how I can get rid of them all at once. It's hard to imagine an organization that would need/want over 1,000 copies of 8 different games. But I've been wrong before.
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If you want to send them to me to send out, I can do that for you as well - it's my full-time job, after all.
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