I'm trying to trade money for education
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I would like to take a graduate level class or two this Fall in San Francisco. I have a job, so I'd like my classes to be in the evenings and on weekends. I don't really care about getting credit or a degree, and I realize I'm far too late for formal Fall admissions. What kind of educational options exist for me?

I'm a few years out from undergrad and I'm considering going to grad school in 2012 or 2013. In the mean time, I'd just like an opportunity to learn something new while I explore my options. I'd like to take Arts & Science type classes. Is this a thing I can do? If so, what would it be called, and who offers it?
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Best answer: UC Berkeley Extension? (Even has a San Francisco location.)
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Best answer: It would be called "Non-Degree", "Continuing Education", or "Extension" coursework. Most of the larger universities will offer it.
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yeah i've found institutions happy to take your money. look for non degree status, sometimes they involve filling out the application without the GRE and recommendations.
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Most Berkeley Extension courses fall into one of two categories - general-interest courses with few prerequisites, or professional courses for continuing education credit or career change. Neither of those are really graduate-level. It sounds like you're looking for general-interest courses in arts and sciences, and Extension has plenty of offerings there.

To enroll in graduate-level courses, look at concurrent enrollment, which is managed through Extension. You will need instructor approval for these classes.
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If you don't mind driving down to Stanford, take a look at their continuing studies program.

(FWIW: I took a class in political philosophy last winter and I'm in the middle of a Spanish class now. Both have been fun.)
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