How packed will PEI be this weekend?
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I'll be driving my friend from Antigonish, Nova Scotia to Charlottetown this Saturday or maybe Sunday morning. Will the royal visit make this impossible? Does anyone have an idea of how congested the city, the ferry and the bridge might be?

We're closer to the ferry and I think if we go Saturday afternoon this shouldn't be a problem. If we end up leaving Sunday morning I don't want to risk not making the ferry if it's going to be packed and I think would rather drive around to the bridge than sit and wait. Does anyone have a prediction of what to expect?

Note: we're not visiting for the festivities, I need to drop her off at UPEI on Sunday for work.

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The Charlottetown Police Department is advising that there shouldn't be much in terms of traffic snarls, except where certain roads have been closed off for the visit.

Speaking as a former protocol officer, most people don't try to drive anywhere near a Royal Visit. They get there WAY early, park their cars and walk (and usually set up camp near the official route). If you budget a little extra time, you should be fine. I'd err on the side of the bridge, though, rather than risk the ferry.
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