Help me identify this japanese card game
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Help me identify (and learn how to play) this japanese card game

I received this game some time ago as a gift, but so far I haven´t been able to figure out how is it played. My japanese is really poor at the moment, and despite the cards and some of the instructions include furigana (to help kids understand them), and the fact that I have a vague idea about what it is (to form figures with matches), I need some help to understand the rules and the cards included.

Images here:

Some of the cards
Back of the box
Front of the box

It´w worth mentioning that all the cards contain different instructions and drawings.

It would be great if you can point me to an english translation or equivalent of the rules and cards, if such thing exists.

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Basically, it's a deck of puzzles and answers. The 2 of hearts says, "remove two matches to form two squares," and says that the answer is on the 2 of spades -- the 2 of spades shows you how this is done. The difficulty level is marked in the upper right corner.

Because the cards have the regular numbers/suits, you can also use the deck to play regular card games, but it's going to be difficult to do the puzzles without knowing Japanese.
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Hi Jeanne,

Thanks for your answer. It seems that I should put all my efforts in continuing my study of japanese to be able and play with my friend´s gift!

Take care.
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