Need a batch image-resizing program
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What's the best (Windows) batch image resizing program for this specific task?

I have a bunch of music folders (Artists) and subfolders (Albums). Inside each subfolder contains a cover.jpg that's in all different dimensions. If that file's dimension is larger than 500 pixels in width or height, then I want it resized down to 500px width and/or height in its correct ratio and saved as a new file called folder.jpg

If cover.jpg is already at 500 pixels width and/or height, then leave it alone.

What's the best program to tackle this task?
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If you're comfortable with the command line, you can use imagemagick. You can read about the resize command and how to use that to process multiple files.
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IrfanView has a nice batch utility that should do exactly what you need it to.
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Previously. It was the first hit on Google for "mogrify recursive windows", which is what I was going to recommend. mogrify is part of imagemagick.
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Irfan View is the answer to 99% of "Windows Batch Image" questions.
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