name my art and coffee group, please
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Please name my little group and suggest items that should be provided.

I have a little travelling art kit with sketching pencils, watercolor pencils and brushes, crayons, stamps, and paper. I like to take it with me and muck about.

What I'd like to do is put together a group of dabblers, art journalers, and crafty sorts with travel kits of their own. We would meet somewhere (library, Starbucks, park) and do our own thing, but together and with coffee and chit-chat.

What should I call this group that would generate interest? A friend suggested An Arty Farty Party. But it's not really a party and it sound like something for children.

Also, if you attended such an event, what would you expect the host to provide?

Thanks, Mefi Hivemind!
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MacGuyvART. :D

No idea what I'd expect provision-wise, maybe some drinks?
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Well, if you are attending at a library or starbucks, I would not expect the host to provide anything. At a park you might provide beverages (especially water for the watercolorists) and maybe fingerfood like cookies or crackers and cheese but I probably would not expect it.

Also anything you name your artisan/art group is going to sound to some people like a children's group because that is what we do with our children-- get them involved with a kid's art group. You just need to make sure that people understand what you are trying to do.

That said, what about Friends of Leonardo or The Dabblers? The Artful Tramps?
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The Artful Dodgers.
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Van Go's Mug. The visual is a coffee cup with Van Gogh's face, with brushes, pencils and crayons in the mug itself. The tagline: "A portable meet-up for artists."
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because that is what we do with our children-- get them involved with a kid's art group

I should explain, I just meant children's art groups are so ubiquitous (especially in summer) that some people will assume that is the purpose of your group-- regardless of the name. You just need to make sure that your posters or invitations are clear.

The Traveling Paints
The Sketchbook Brigade
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The Stirring Sticks
(stirring as in creating emotional things)

Also would work as the name for a coffee shop in SF's Castro district...
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Guerrilla Creation Convention (the GCC for short)
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Response by poster: Artful Tramps is cute since the group would move around. But they're all cool

Keep 'em coming!
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This is an awesome idea. To make it clear that it's a grown-up group, I'd include a coffee reference in the name, and avoid anything too punny or rhymey. Something like "Caffeinated Sketches." Or, uh, something better, I guess.

"Draw Your Own Conclusions" also popped in my head.

I wouldn't expect the host to provide any supplies, but providing optional creative prompts or warm-up exercises would be nice, as well as some sort of show-and-tell round. It'd also help to make the group beginner-friendly and unpretentious (unless you're going for an advanced-super-arty thing) and advertise it as such.
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My sister and her art friends call it a "sketchcrawl" when they go walking around and drawing things.
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Response by poster: Maybe a combo of suggestions?

Caffeinated Creative Connection or C3? Or Caffeinated Sketchcrawl?
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The Abstract Impressionists? A play on two famous art movements in history.
In Caffeine Air?(a play on en plein air which meant painting outside)
In Plain Air?, the literal translation of the above.
Or, just simply The Art and Coffee Club, Group etc.
I agree with the above, it shouldn't be your job to provide beverages or food really, it's enough that you're organizing things. Also, people are very particular about their own art supplies so leave that up to the individual. And, seconding Metroid Baby on making the group beginner-friendly and unpretentious.
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This sounds really neat. It reminds me a little of Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School, although that may be a tad more crazy than you were going. I've never been to one but I thought it might help inspire some ideas for your group. (And actually, I believe The Whelk is friends with Molly the founder.)

I think one option might be a directed project or challenge where everyone starts something new on the same theme. You could even collect a few bucks each and have some art-supply type prizes. Or maybe give everyone a piece of Bristol board and a green Prismacolor pencil and see what happens.

Another thing you could do is a collaborative work where everyone contributes a square to a sheet divided into squares. (Or skip the squares and just pass around a drawing where each person gets 10 minutes to add something.)
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Dajacswtkoto (dabblers, art journalers, and crafty sorts with travel kits of their own)
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