How do I recharge my iGadgets on a way-too-long flight?
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Do Malaysian Air 777-200 and 747-400 economy class seats have a power plug to recharge my gadgets?

I'm travelling from Melbourne (Aus) to London with Malaysian air (25 hours - eek!). The first branch (MEL to KL) is on a 777-200, KL to Heathrow is on a 747-400.

I'm travelling economy class.

I'm wondering if I'll be able to recharge my Android and/or iPod Touch during the flights, and, if so, what kind of power plug adapter I'd need.
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Best answer: Check Seatguru to see if there is power at the seat.
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I do ORD-HKG-MNL and back every year on 747-400s and 777-200s. My iPad goes out 3/4 of the way in, and it's most likely you will not have a power outlet unless you happen to be sitting in an exit row. (And even then I'm not sure the little 120V AC outlet I found by the door on that United 744 was meant for passengers.)

I bought 11,000 mAH battery pack with USB out to get me through those long flights; last time it was just about enough to extend an iPad and an HTC Magic 32B through the rest of the trip.
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Based on Seatguru (747, 777), there are no power outlets in coach, just first and/or biz. Assuming that an upgrade isn't an option, I'd take along a USB power pack. You can always recharge at the airport between flights too.
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Seatguru? Man, they have a site for everything now!

My experience with a couple United 747's matches what's on the Seatguru map. So probably not.
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Malaysian Airlines does not offer in-seat power in economy class.

For future reference, Singapore Airlines also flies between Melbourne and London via Singapore and has in-seat power in all seats in economy class on its A380 and B777-300ER aircraft that fly this route, as well as on the A330-300.
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I like my Powermonkey as a portable charger.
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Response by poster: Thanks folks
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