How to make a dog's chew toy?
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How do I create a chew toy for a dog?

I have an idea for a dog's chew toy that I would like to see come to fruition. But I'm a little fuzzy on where to start. I'm looking into taking a plastics class, but still wouldn't know if plastic would be the right material, if it would be safe for dogs, etc. I'd ideally like to make a small run, see if I can sell them, then, if successful, perhaps have many more made and look into distribution. But again, can't get there from here.
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Prototyping is the word you're looking for, I think. There are people and places who exist to help you through that part.
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Drop in on a casting-moldmaking course at a local art school or community college.

The instructor could teach you how to build a model of it, teach you how to make a mold from it,
and how to use that mold to make copies.

Or could point you at a colleague who can do up a mold from a concept sketch.
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