Is this lettuce for the birds?
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Is it OK to eat lettuce in which I found a feather?

While washing lettuce (from an organic CSA), I found a fluffy feather. I am 100% fine with finding bugs in my lettuce -- it happens most of the time -- but the feather has me a little unsettled, as it seems a more likely vector for nasties. Is it safe to eat?
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Wash your lettuce; it will be fine.
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If it squicks you out too much, toss out the part of the head where the feather was. Otherwise wash well and call it a day.
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It's not really more of a vector than bugs themselves. I'd eat the lettuce. (If their fields are friendly enough for birds, that sounds good to me; birds eat bugs, after all.)
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Response by poster: I would totally throw out the affected leaves only, except that I found the feather while swishing around two heads in a big sinkful of water, so not only has the original location has been lost, but whatever I would have been hoping to avoid is now all over the leaves of both heads.
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Considering your lettuce was probably grown in animal poop, I think it'll be fine after a standard washing.
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eh? Just wash it carefully, you'll be fine.
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Best answer: The farms usually pluck this kind of stuff out before selling it to you. They just missed this one and you happened to see it. Wash it off and eat it!
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You would probably be safe eating the feather itself. This is a non-issue.
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They probably have chickens running around. I also wouldn't worry about the feather.
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Response by poster: OK, y'all have convinced me to buck up and eat the lettuce. Will have next of kin post back later if I contract some sort of avian rot.
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